Bits of Science: Real Global Temperature trend – How high is climate sensitivity? Piers Forster, Gabi Hegerl and Jonathan Gregory join 13 leading climate experts in sharing ‘gut feelings’ on equilibrium climate sensitivity with Bits of Science. Follow link for some interesting responses from a wide range of experts.
At the end of March SMURPHS Co-Investigator Adrian New from the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) was interviewed by Alexis Green from BBC South. Adrian reported on the potential role played by the oceans in the recent hiatus, as identified by recent work done by NOC, led by SMURPHS Principal Investigator Sybren Drifjhout and research collegues. In his interview Adrian referred to the overall…
In March SMURPHS held its first project workshop. Hosted by Leeds all nine SMURPHS partners attended. Discussion focused on forthcoming papers, the research framework and model runs.