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Major shift in UK land use needed to deliver Net Zero emissions

23 January 2020 The UK has committed to becoming a Net Zero economy by 2050. Meeting that goal requires a transformation in land use across the UK. Government must confront the rapid changes that are now needed, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says in its first ever in-depth advice on UK agricultural policies. In...

Even 50-year-old climate models correctly predicted global warming  December 2019 Climate change doubters have a favorite target: climate models. They claim that computer simulations conducted decades ago didn’t accurately predict current warming, so the public should be wary of the predictive power of newer models. Now, the most sweeping evaluation of these older models—some half a century old—shows most of them were...

Climate change: Warming signal links global floods and fires

BBC News Nov 2019 With homes under water in South Yorkshire, near record flooding in Venice, and burgeoning wildfires in Australia, many people are asking if and how climate change is connected to these extreme weather events. "Sea level rise is rising globally and it is also rising in the Adriatic," said Prof Gabi Hegerl,...

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